Feastem was formed in the small port town of Raahe, on the northwestern coast of Finland in 2005 with one intent in mind: to play the fastest, most pissed off grindcore imaginable. Original members Kari (vocals), Antti (bass) and Olli (guitar) soon found a perfect drummer in Patrik and after a couple of EP’s, the band entered the studio with engineer / producer Panu Posti (Rotten Sound, Afgrund, Vorum etc.). The resulting album, “Fear in Concrete”, was a ruthless exercise in unrelenting, vicious grindcore and received positive feedback from the grindcore underground.

The band’s performance at Obscene Extreme Fest in 2009 lead to a new record deal with Czech Republic’s Obscene Productions. By the end of the year, Feastem finished writing new material and recorded their second album, “World Delirium” in early 2010. Around this time, Kari was replaced by Pete from Helsinki-based crustgrinders Famine Year. “World Delirium” garnered great reviews from all over the globe, some praising the band as a definite contender to the throne of Rotten Sound or Nasum, while still retaining their own touch to the modern grindcore ethos. Soon after the release, Feastem started playing shows in Finland and Europe, refining their live performance to a jaw-dropping level of intensity. In the summer of 2011, Feastem returned to Obscene Extreme Fest and destroyed Finland’s prestigious Tuska Open Air, gaining rave reviews and new fans with their energetic live show.

By the spring of 2012, the recordings for Feastem’s third album were in full gear at Posti Studios and the top secret Grind Research Lab. The band finished 25 new cuts, a cover of Sayyadina’s “Swallow” and a re-recording “Psychotic Excess”. ”Swallow” and 7 new tracks appeared on a limited 12″ split with Kill The Client, released by Doomstar Bookings for the Kill The Client / Feastem European tour in 2012. After the tour, Antti decided to part ways with Feastem. He was replaced by Niko from Oulu’s finest grind-freaks, Disare. The new full-length, titled ”Avaritia Humanae” (latin for “human greed”) was released in June 2013 through Obscene Productions (CD) & L’inphantile Collective (LP). Lyrically, the album deals with greed, social injustice, religion, control and the steady decline of humanity.

“From the vein and hernia exploding level of sheer charismatic rage in the vocals, the inhumanly metronomic and punishing blasting and d-beats, and all the hyper-speed Discharge-cum-Motörhead punk riffing drenched in Scando-fuzz you could wish for, they are the complete package. …Feastem are hands down the kings of grindcore in my world right now, and I can’t see that changing soon. From “World Delirium” to “Avaritia Humanae” via their faith affirming live performances, Feastem have assumed an unstoppable momentum.” – Ewan Gibb, Lunatic of Blog’s Creation


VOCALS: Petri Eskelinen

GUITAR: Olli Nokkala

BASS: Niko Lainas

DRUMS: Patrik Fält